Vacuum is our strength

Gamavuoto S.r.l. has been a leader in the vacuum technologies industry since 1977.

In many years of business activity, Gamavuoto has acquired extensive experience in solving vacuum problems through a “tailor made” advisory service keyed to the specifi c requirements of its customer. Gamavuoto has thus developed an extremely broad range of products and services for all industrial applications in the different production processes which use vacuum (food industry, wood industry, metal industry, automotive industry, etc.).

Gamavuoto is the ideal partner for vacuum operators: starting with the analysis and study of each specifi c need, we are able to provide the best solution, quickly, effectively and at a reasonable cost. Gamavuoto places special focus on the performance of the products and services it provides, on the quality of the materials used, on functional features and on good looks.

Since 2013, Gamavuoto has been a member of the OPG Group, a market leader in the production of rubber and plastic technical parts. Gamavuoto places at the service of its customers all the experience of the OPG Group’s production and research and development departments, to extend and upgrade the range and quality of its products and services.