19 April 2023

Vacuum regulator - RTN

This regulator, built in aluminum anodized, it is able to regulate the vacuum and the flow in a fine and precise way to use.
The vacuum degree and the flow vary in a directly proportional way.

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1 March 2023

Meet us at MECSPE 2023 stand: PAD30 – E02 
29 - 31 march –  BolognaFiere

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15 June 2022

Multi-stage vacuum generators mod. VMMV

The new "VMMV" series generators are made of die-cast aluminum composed of 1 to 2 practical and light modules suitable to be "modified" according to needs. Each module consists of 1 or 2 rows of cartridges and can be assembled quickly and easily, with capacities ranging from  192,8 and 1202 …

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9 December 2020

Single-stage cartridge vacuum generators mod. ECMVR

Single-stage vacuum generators, which use interchangeable cartridge ejectors with capacities ranging from 10 to 60 Nl / min. These cartridges can also be used in parallel configuration and after an appropriate drilling they can be used on the structure of the application thanks to their simple …

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17 February 2020

VEB series suction cups

The new suction cups of the VEB series have the feature of generating lifting force thanks to the Bernoulli effect. These suction cups also allow handling of components with a not particularly defined shape, offering thanks to the 3 support points in FDA certified rubber good resistance to …

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4 February 2020

Meet us at MECSPE 2020 stand: PAD5 – I02 
29 - 31 october –  Fiere di Parma

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26 June 2019

New ECMD series DOUBLE STAGE vacuum generators

The new interchangeable cartridge vacuum generators with DOUBLE STAGE technology offer a high efficiency in terms of flow rate and vacuum level compared to a sensibly low consumption, increasing the low cost of use without forgoing performance.

Thanks to their shape and small size they …

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11 October 2018

VES series suction cups

VES series suction cups are designed to be the best solution for the handling of plastic bags and other materials.

They consist of two separate parts assembled together. The soft silicone lip guarantees an excellent grip on the deformable surfaces, while the body, with bellows of higher …

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