Polycarbonate Vacuum filters FOT Series

Polycarbonate Vacuum filters FOT Series

The FOT POLYCARBONATE filters are fitted with high brass heads and they are suitable for particularly dusty environments and products. The POLYCARBONATE tub makes it possible to immediately verify the evacuation of the filter or the replacement of the cartridge. POLYCARBONATE is a material with superior properties, above all with regards to its unchanging transparency and shock resistance. These qualities are particularly noticeable over time. All of the filters are supplied with star-shaped cartridges made of treated armoured paper, or with felt meshes. Degree of filtering: from 40 to 100 microns. Working temperature from 4°C to 50°C.

Mounting, maintenance and cleaning

Be very careful to respect the flow direction, as indicated by the arrow on the filter. The filters can be mounted in any position, though we advise mounting them in the vertical position, with the tub facing downwards, thus making it easy to deposit the filtered impurities. Carefully clean the tub, change the cartridge, or blow compressed air from the inside of the   cartridge outwards, mount the whole unit, having checked that the seals are undamaged and in their correct positions. Manually unscrew the tub by hand,, clean as indicated above, then  remount it by tightening it gently by hand, or using the special spanner.

Art. A B
FOT150/05 120 210 3/4"
FOT150/07 120 260 3/4"
FOT150/10 120 335 3/4"
FOT150/20 120 590 3/4"
FOT200/05 120 210 1"
FOT200/07 120 260 1"
FOT200/10 120 335 1"
FOT200/20 120 590 1"
FOT250/10 130 345 1 1/2" gas
FOT250/20 130 600 1 1/2" gas
FOT300/10 130 350 2" gas
FOT300/20 130 605 2" gas


For the paper version, add a C at the end of the code. For example: FOT150 / 05C.

For the steel version, add an I at the end of the code. For example: FOT150 / 05I.