Vacuum switches - pressure switches

Vacuum switches - pressure switches

A pressure switch/vacuum switch can be defined as a switch which is controlled by pressure vacuum, and in which the position of the contacts depends on the pressure - vacuum in the “bellows”, and on the value adjusted on the scale. The RT series covers a vast range of industrial applications in general, and is widely used in the sector of fluids, gaseous and liquid, as long as not corrosive.

Art. SVC/RT Dati tecniciTechnical dataTechnische Daten
ProtezioneProtectionSchutz IP 66
Temperatura ambienteWorking temperatureRaumtemperatur -40 a 70° C
Temperatura del fluidoFluid temperatureFahrzeugtemperatur MAX 100° C
Carico del contattoContact loadLast des Kontakts C.A. non induttivo 10 A, 400 V. Induttivo 4 A, 400 V, maxC.A. non-inductive 10A, 400. Inductive 4A, 400 max.C.A. nicht induktiv 10 A, 400 V. Induktiv 4 A, 400 V, max
Max corrente di spuntoMax. peak currentMax. Einschaltstrom 30 A
C.C. 12 W, 220 V
PressacavoCable socketDrüse 2 pezzitwo pieces2 Stück Pg 13.5
ApprovazioniApprovedZulassungen DEMKO, HEMKO, SEV e approvazioni navaliDEMKO, HEMKO, SEV and approved for ships
Pressione d’esercizioWorking pressureBetriebsdruck da -1 a 0 barfrom -1 to 0 barvon -1 bis 0 bar
DifferenzialeDifferentialDifferential da 90 a 400 mbarfrom 90 to 400 mbarvon 90 bis 400 mbar
ContattiContactsKontakte uno in scambioone in commutation contacteiner im Austausch
All pressure switches-vacuum switches built and dealt with by GAMAVUOTO are guaranteed by the safety regulations and the units of measure in force.

1. Regulation knob

2. Main scale

3. Terminal

4. Threaded cable sockets PG 13.5

5. Range spring

6. Terminals

7. Main rod

8. Contact (17-4030)

9. Upper guide knob

10. Contact arm

11. Earth

12. Adjustment ring nut

13. Bellows